Benefits of using Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the way of the future! The days of the local server are numbered, with more and more companies and businesses migrating to a Cloud. And for a good reason. Switching to a hosted Cloud service will help improve your company’s workflow, save you money, and be more flexible overall. In this article, we are going to cover a few of the most compelling reasons why using cloud services is the way to go.

Increased Security

How does it sound to never have to worry about hardware issues or natural disasters and losing critical data and business applications? Cloud providers’ full-time job is to carefully monitor data center security. On the other hand, a company must divide its time, people, and resources to tackle a handful of IT-related concerns, with security being only one of them.

Cloud providers are fully committed to the security of their infrastructure and their users’ data. Cloud security is achieved through the implementation of appropriate technologies and policies, certified by independent specialized third-party auditors. With these audits, the customers are assured that their Cloud provider has internal processes and capabilities for managing security which meets strictly defined standards.

Some of the tools that the Cloud providers use to increase the security of their servers are Firewalls, anti-malware protection, intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring, and logging. A firewall is a hardware or software system that applies rules to all traffic passing through the perimeter of a network. All of the data that goes in or out the Cloud environment is filtered by the Firewall and any suspicious traffic is kept out.


Cloud servers have the benefit of adapting in size according to the increase and decrease in workload. As your company’s needs grow or change you can scale your cloud servers up or down accordingly and adapt easily to the newly occurred situation. So, as your company grows, your cloud platform will grow with you. Even if you need to scale down operations, it’s possible to only pay for the services you use.

Cost Savings

Purchasing expensive server-related hardware will be a thing of the past when you switch to the Cloud. Additionally, with more and more providers offering managing cloud servers, you will no longer be spending money and staff on IT infrastructure and maintenance. All of the servers’ needs are taken care of by the experienced team of your cloud provider, leaving you and your employees with more time and more money to focus on your other business needs.

As we said before, when you are using cloud servers, you can scale them accordingly to exactly match your needs. This means that you don’t need to buy expensive hardware that you don’t need right at the moment just because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and you hope that your needs will grow so you can utilize it faster. Additionally, your hardware will be out of date in several years and you will need to upgrade again. On the other hand, the Cloud gives you access to the newest, state-of-the-art technology, even if you’re not ready to invest in your own IT team and infrastructure. The cloud servers are more reliable than your own, on-location server because the only thing the cloud providers have to do is to take care of their data centers and make sure they are in the best state possible.

Introducing your company to the Cloud is a cost-effective strategy and will have long-lasting benefits for your business and the cloud users.

Increased Collaboration

The Cloud is made for collaboration! Your staff can access every file they need basically from anywhere in the world and edit them in real-time. They can all work remotely and work together all at the same time. The communication between you and your team will become accelerated, efficient, and effective.


If everyone in the world uses the Cloud that would require fewer physical servers. This means that fewer resources will be used overall to do the same job as before. Additionally, the ability to share files online lowers the printouts among your team.

A study by Microsoft found that cloud storage can be between 79-93% more energy-efficient than a traditional data center.

Switching to Cloud saves you money, but it also saves the Planet!

Nebula Cloud offers fully managed Cloud servers based on three fundamental principles:

  1. Security - Dedicated Firewalls, Regular Security Patches, Free SSL always included, DDoS protection on server and data center level, Spam Protection, and more.
  2. Stability - Guaranteed 99.9% uptime per instance (higher SLAs available for redundant deployments) and 24/7 proactive server monitoring and technical support.
  3. Scalability - Scale your cloud servers up or down according to your needs.

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